WordPress ad rotator widget

I wanted to find a way to show random content on the sidebar of my blog. I have ads from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Play-Asia.com and wanted to show different content like best DVDs, best games and so on with out having to have a lot of ads down the page.

After some search on the net, I fond a great plug-in that do show random HTML content. I found Ad Rotator  for use with WordPress on kpumuk.info. It’s as easy as downloading the file and install it on your server, just follow the included instructions.

On the widget page on your blog, you add Ad Rotator like any other widget. Just copy & past the reguired HTML code and seperate it with <!–more–> for the next chunk of HTML-code. It works like a charme. And it can also be used to show random content like pictures and banner, or text for that matter, not only ads.