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December 31, 2009

OnLive video presentation

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OnLive is a cool concept of cloud-gaming and microconsoleing. In essence, you only have the controll and picture at your end. The game, computing power and storage are somewhere on the Internet, a long way from you. It would be fun to try this in practice.

CEO Steve Perlman held a presentation of OnLive at Columbia University. You can watch the video, which I found on, bellow.

March 26, 2009

GDC’09: OnLive Debut Tech Interview (

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Here is two interviews with the people behind OnLive, the nw micro-console. Video taken from

March 25, 2009

GDC’09: OnLive – the new console

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At GDC’09 the new gaming evniroment OnLive was announced. The concept is that you the game to the OnLive hardware or PC/Mac. Well, it’s actually only the picture/video is streamed, since all the calculations and the real gaminghardware is somewhere else. If you have a broadband connection you get the games in 720p, and if your internet connection is slow, you get SD picture quality. Just like Netflix, but on-demand gaming, micro-console.

For a good walkthrough of everything, take a look at, they have it well covered.


You can also watch the OnLive announcement/keynote on

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