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September 30, 2009

Hands-on PSP Go by Joystiq

Filed under: blog,psp,Sony — Tags: , , — technofranki @ 23:18 have made a hands-on on the new PSP Go by Sony. You can also read their full review of the new handheld.

August 23, 2009

Joystiq checks out digital comic service on PSP

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This week at GamesCon, Sony announced their new Digital Comics service for PSN. It will be available in the US in December this year. Joystiq have taken a look at the service.

August 13, 2009

PSPgo Hardware Walkthrough (IGN)

Filed under: psp,Sony,videogames — Tags: , , , — technofranki @ 19:36 have put up a video with John Koller (director of hardware markeding, SCEA) taking you trhough the new PSPgo.

More PSP Videos at

June 7, 2009

E3 2009: Interview with Peter Dille (

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Two video interviews with Peter Dille, Sony’s SVP of marketing. In the first video he talks about the new PSP Go and in the second video he talks about the new motion controller. Videoes taken from

E3 2009: Kotaku checks out the new PSP Go

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Kotaku have checked out the new PSP Go on E3.

June 1, 2009

Pre-E3: PSP Go leaked by Sony

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(Picture from

The new rumored PSP Go is indead real and video of it was leaked a bit early by Sony themself. It was in June edition of Qore (which you can buy from the US Playstation Store), they talked a bout the the new PSP Go which would have been shown for the first time on Sony’s press event Tuesday June 2nd. This Qore edition is now pulled from the Store.

The big news with the new PSP is that is now lack a UMD drive, but have 16GB flash onboard instead and you have to slide to get to the controlls.

¬†Thanks to Engadget, here’s the rundown of the new features of PSP Go:

  • 3.8-inch display (resolution is undisclosed)
  • 43 percent lighter than the PSP-3000
  • 16GB of Flash storage
  • Bluetooth built-in; supports handset tethering and BT headsets
  • No UMD drive
  • Memory Stick Micro slot
  • New Gran Turismo, Little Big Planet and new Metal Gear Solid (!) on the way
  • Full PlayStation Network support (movie and TV rentals / purchases)
  • Integration with PlayStation 3 (works the same as the PSP-3000 does)
  • Sony views each of its products as “10-year lifecycle products,” so the PSP “needs to live on.”

Here is also the pulled Qore video:

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