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President Obama speaks at the Correspondents’ Dinner

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Every year the president of USA invites the journalists that works at the White House Correspondents’ Association to the Correspondents’ Dinner which was held on May 1st, 2010. President Barack Obama makes fun of journalists, politicians and himself.

Under you can se Obama’s speech and Jay Leno’s monologue at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The videos are from CNN International’s YouTube-channel.

Presitent Barack Obama’s speech

Jay Leno’s monologue

Barack Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

I’m not an American, but I do like Barack Obama as the president for the US. He is also a great comedian. At the this years White House Correspondents’ Dinner he did real well. You can watch his stand-up act in the video below.

Wanda Sykes also had a great appearance.