Once again…

I hoped it never did, but once again it happened to me. By Xbox 360 died again! I saw some symptoms last friday some hours after I connected my second wireless controller If the new controller had anything to do with the disease my 360 got, I don’t know. Only an autopsy will tell. The Xbox froze after just some minutes playing. And through weekend, it got worse.

When I tried today, without memorycard or harddrive, it finaly died after a tough weekend. Three red lights. I tried contacting MS support, but since it’s the evening, I din’t get through. So I will try again tomorrow.

This was the third time an Xbox 360 has died on me, that’s bad. But I realy like the 360, it’s great console. But the healht could have been better.

UPDATE (Sept.20th): Got in contact with the support today. The guy I talked to said it was close to a scandal that it happened to me again. So this time they will send me a brand new Xbox, and I will probably also get a game or something in compensation.