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Xbox 360 – Got it back, again!

On Friday I’ve recived my new Xbox 360, for the fourth time. I hope this one will last for ever. But since I’ve got so many broken 360, I’m getting a bit sceptical. I’m nervous when I put the power supply into the socket and turn on the 360. I don’t want to see those red rings again. I think I’ve got my share of it.

But for two now, it has worked fine and probably will well into the future. This time Microsoft was realy fast. I’ve call last Tuesday, the 19th, and got a replacement Friday, 29th, the following week. Good work.

Once again…

I hoped it never did, but once again it happened to me. By Xbox 360 died again! I saw some symptoms last friday some hours after I connected my second wireless controller If the new controller had anything to do with the disease my 360 got, I don’t know. Only an autopsy will tell. The Xbox froze after just some minutes playing. And through weekend, it got worse.

When I tried today, without memorycard or harddrive, it finaly died after a tough weekend. Three red lights. I tried contacting MS support, but since it’s the evening, I din’t get through. So I will try again tomorrow.

This was the third time an Xbox 360 has died on me, that’s bad. But I realy like the 360, it’s great console. But the healht could have been better.

UPDATE (Sept.20th): Got in contact with the support today. The guy I talked to said it was close to a scandal that it happened to me again. So this time they will send me a brand new Xbox, and I will probably also get a game or something in compensation.

Xbox360: Still some problems

A month ago my Xbox 360 crashed and didn’t start again, the famous “Red Rings of Death”. And today I got it back from repair. I played Burnout: Revenge for about an hour just to test it out. But since we had so nice weather her on the south coast of Norway, I had to get out. Sunny and about +27C.

So after a nice day and after watching Germany-Italy (0-2), I wanted to play some more. Well I wish! When I turn the 360 on, I got the three red rings again. And as all FAQs suggest, take all conectors out and reconnect. I did it, just to do it. The 360 wouldn’t start. So I have to call support tomorrow, and probably wait another 4 weeks to get a new (or refurbished) Xbox.

But at least, we in Norway have 2 years warrenty (allthough Microsoft says 1 in the manual). So there should be no broblem. I know US only have 90 days (and can buy extened warrenty), and UK and most of Europe have at least 1 year. So we have a pretty good deal here in Europe.

It’s summer, so I don’t play so much, but I really want a working Xbox.

UPDATE: Talked to the support today. There may have been an error on their side resulting in sending me a wrong Xbox. So now they will send me a new return box and I’ve probably have four weeks to lookforward to not playing my 360. On the other side, the support guy I talked to was a friendly Swede.

A Side note: In Burnout: Revenge I’m ranked at 56384 and that’s because the Xbox crashed three times in a row last month when my 360 died. The funny side is that my sister haven’t played Burnout since Easter, and she is now ranked at 6031 and only dropped around 1500 places in three months. So I wonder how the rank system works.

Xbox360: The Red Ring of Death

Well, it’s my time to get the “Red Ring of Death”. I have had some freeze ups on my Xbox 360, but it have only happened from time to time. Not like this weekend. I played Burnout as usual when the 360 froze. I was around the 800th place, and when I turned my Xbox on again, I had fallen to 46000-or-something place. Not Good. I played 5 minuttes and it froze again. It also happened a third time. So I took a break to the next day.

It started up but froze afer 5 minuttes. I removed everything and remounted the powersupply and videocable and the HD. Froze. It even froze in Dashboard without the harddrive. Later in the day I only got three red lights.