Retro Gamer #35

I got Retro Gamer no. 35 in the mail today. As allways, I think there will be an interesting read.
Here’s what this issue can give you:

  • Retroinspection: Vectrex
  • The Classic Game: Cannon Fodder
  • Company Profile: Zenobi Software
  • The Definitive Contra
  • The Making of… Cauldron and Cauldron II
  • Full of Eastern Promise: Hudson’s Lost Mario Triology
  • John Szczepaniak’s Gaming Illuminati – part 2 of 2
  • The Making of… Smash TV
  • The History of the King of Fighters
  • Before They Were Famous
  • The Making of.. Wipeout
  • The Classic Game Feud

If you can’t find Retro Gamer in your local newsstand, go to and order from them.

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