Retro Gamer issue 41

I had to back-order issue 41 of Retro Gamer since that issue was lost in mail earlier. But now I have it in my hands. And issue 41 have the following to offer:

  • Back To the Eighties – The Latest News From Sept 1983
  • The Definitive Space Invaders
  • The Classic Game – Get Dexter
  • The Making of… Miner 2049er
  • Company Profile: The Bitmap Brothers
  • The Making of… The Immortal
  • Whatever happened to… Mail Plane
  • Desert Island Disks – Andy Walker
  • The Classic Game – Metro-Cross
  • The Making of… Batman The Movie
  • Full of Eastern Promise – Soukyugurentai
  • The Complete Lowdown – Worms
  • Retroinspection – Game Gear
  • The Making of… Blast Corps
  • Retrorevival: Caveman Ninja, Monsters, Wings of Wor, X-men vs Street Fighter, Harrier Attack
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