Wii: Mii Contest Channel available in Europe

When I got home today, my Wii flashed blue. Mail from Nintendo saying that the Mii Contest Channel is available for download (in Europe) from the Wii Ware section on the Wii Shop Channel.

Here’s how the Wii Shop Channel describe the Mii Constest Channel:

Calling all Mii creators: it’s time to show off your talents to the world, with the Mii Contest Channel!

The Mii Contest Channel works together with the Mii Channel, letting you share your favourite Miis with other Wii owners, and take part in the fun, themed Contests.

Visit the Posting Plaza to view the latest and most popular Miis, and post your own Miis for others to see. If any Miis catch your eye, simply save them to your Favourties list or even ‘take them home’ by importing them to the Mii Channel.

And if you want to put your Mii-making talents to the test, or simply play judge, check out the Mii Contests. Contests are themed around a certain charachter or subject, and are updated regulary with fresh Mii-making challenges.

You might even receive a souvenir photo of your Mii, simply by taking part. And who knows? Gain enough votes and you can become a Master Mii Artisan!