Wii: Firmware update, Photo Channel 1.1 and Pokemon Snap

So today I woke up to a blue flashing light. The Wii got an firmware update (only a small one), Photo Channel can be updated to 1.1 and a new game on VC; Pokemon Snap. The new firmware will let you send games as gift to your friends (but that will cost you Wii points).

Photo Channel 1.1

This updated version of the Photo Channel is an optional, free upgrade to the original Photo Channel and includes the following new features and changes:

Customised Photo Channel icon
Change the Photo Channel icon on the Wii Menu to your favourite picture, taken from an SD memory card or the Wii Message Board.

Different audio file format
The music format for slideshows has changed from MP3 to AAC. (AAC files are generally able to provide higher sound quality in the same file size as MP3).

Please note:
– Once you download Photo Channel 1.1, you will no longer be able to play MP3 format music files. You can revert to the original version of the Photo Channel by deleting Photo Channel 1.1, which will restore Photo Channel 1.0

Pokemon Snap
Nintendo 64 – 2000 by Nintendo – action – 1 player – 1000 points – age 3+

In Pokemon Snap, you capture Pokemon not with a Poke Ball but with a camera! As budding you photographer Todd, help Professor Oak research Pokemon by you purpose-built vehicle, the ZERO-ONE.

Travel across Pokemon Island and snap the Pokemon on their home turf. However, many Pokemon are camera-shy, so you’ll need to use special items like food or a flute to bring them out into the open.

Professor oak will score your photos based on factors like the Pokemon’s pose and its size in the frame. So get out there and put your Pokemon snapping skills to the test!

Also, the Virtual Console version of Pokemon snap has been enchanged to work with the Wii Message Board – so now you can share your favourite Pokemon pics with your friends!