Wii: Virtual Conosle games – Europe – Friday December 7, 2007

Three new Virtual Console games to download in Europe, Friday December 7.

Light Crusader
Mega Drive – 1995 by Sega – action/rpg – 1 player – 800 points – age 12+

More and more of the good townspeople of Green Row have been going missing every day, and so the beleaguered King Weeden summons the night Sir David to investigate the disappearances. Armed with his wits and his sword, Sir David must find the cause of this strange evil – and save the people of Green Row!

Take the role of Sir David in this action-RPG and get to the bottom of the mysteries of Green Row as you fight enemies, solve puzzles and combine brains and brawn to save the kingdom.

Rolling Thunder 2
Mega Drive – 1991 by Sega – action – 1-2 players – 800 points – age 12+

In this follow-up to the original classic, you are once again a member of Interpol’s Rolling Thunder task force, and it’s up to you to stop the return of the evil Geldra organisation, and led by a newcomer named Gimdo, the bad guys are bent on destroying several valuable outher space satelittes.

In this one or two player game you can play as Leila or Albatross – both characters from the original – as you venture through several different levels trying to put a stop to the nefarious efforts of Gimdo and the rest of Neo-gelda. Use your bullets wisely and make the Rolling Thunder proud!

Super Nintendo – 1993 by Hudson Soft – action – 1 player – 800 points – age 7+

It is the near future. Resources are dwindling and the major powers of the world are locked in a territorial dispute. As Pacific State Marine Corps soldier Jake, you must lead your platoon on a deadly mission to destroy the enemy’s ultimate weapon.

Pilot your Cybernator G5-E (a five-storey tall mechanised humanoid Assault Siut) through seven exciting stages, using the suit’s destructive arsenal of weaponry. As you progressthough the game, you will also be able to power each weapon up to a maximum of three levels. It’s up to you whether to power up one specific weapon or all weapons simultaneously, adding an element to strategy to the non-stop action.

The powerful background music, military atmosphere and intense story development combine to give the world of Cybernator a gritty, sci-fi feel that you won’t soon forget.