Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday February 8, 2008

Yesterday, Friday February 8, 2008 Europe got one new Virtual Console game.

Lords of Thunder
Turbografx – 1993 by Hudson Soft – shooter – 1 player – 800 points – age 7+

Lords of Thunder is a sidescrolling shooter that has you tahe the role of a legendary warrior, blasting enemies to heavy metal tunes. enemies are plotting to review Zaggart, the Dark One, who was sealed beneath the six continents of Mistral. It’s up to Landis, the descenant of Dyu, to stop them.

You choose the order in wich you attack the 6 stages. Before each stage, select one of four magic sets of armour and use the crystals you collect to buy items. Selecting the right armour for each stage is the key.

Face awsome enemies, including a fire-spewing sea seprent and a giant insect. Wheter it’s the fast-paced shooting action, or breaking into the boss fortresses, you’ll be blown away by the intensity of Lord of Thunder.