Xbox 360: Commanders: Attack of the Genos and Discs of Tron on XBLA

This week on Wednesday February 13, 2008, two new Xbox Live Arcade games are coming to markedplace. The games are Commanders: Attack of the Genos and Discs of Tron. They will cost you 800 and 400 points. (Source:

Commanders: Attack of the Genos©

Commanders: Attack of the Genos is an accessible turn-based tactical battle game providing challenge for all levels of players. The genetically enhanced army of the Genos have decided to attack Earth. With your powerful Commander unit, use Missile Launchers, Bombers, Infantry, and other attack units to cripple the enemy and defend your territory—online or off!

  • Specialized attack units: Fifteen different units are provided to serve alongside your Commander unit. Use the units’ unique powers to conquer the Genos.
  • Single-player campaign: Fight fifteen different missions sprawling across three different landscapes, with two levels of difficulty for ease of play.
  • Multiplayer modes: Three intense multiplayer modes are included, allowing up to four players in Versus mode. Try the Team Play mode, or take on Skirmish with a friend on the same system.
  • Replayability: The game has two distinct endings to encourage replayability.
  • Retro-futuristic environment: The science-fiction setting features a gorgeous 30s Art Deco style. It’s a blast from the past into the future.

Discs of Tron ©

The arcade classic is back! The electronic battleground of Discs of Tron© transports you into an exciting world of sight, sound, and energy. Take control of Tron as he enters the arena to fight against the evil Sark. Armed with only his disc weapon and limited deflector shield, Tron must withstand Sark’s multiple attacks to survive all 12 levels to become the most powerful video warrior in the world.

Discs of Tron is even better this time around with enhanced graphics, CD-quality sound, and two-person multiplayer—face off and find out who truly is the greatest disc warrior!

  • Perfect recreation: Discs of Tron for Xbox LIVE Arcade is a perfect recreation of the classic arcade game based on the pioneering computer animated Disney Film.
  • Next-gen presentation: Authentic graphics, game play, and audio have been upgraded to take advantage of the Xbox 360 high-def graphics and sound (CD bit rate quality).
  • Multiplayer fun: The original arcade game was single player only. The Arcade version is the first version of the game with two-person multi-player functionality—co-op and versus.
  • Electronic battleground: Get transported to an exciting world of sight, sound, and energy!
  • Disc combat: Play as Tron and fling discs at Sark in an attempt to knock him off his platform. Sark has his own discs as well as two unique weapons—a chaser and super chaser making defeating him even more difficult.
  • Twelve levels: Beating Sark advances you to levels of even more chaotic platforming mayhem.