Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday April 25, 2008

This week, on Friday April 25th 2008, Europe got three new Virtual Console games to download on their Nintendo Wii.

Double Dragon
NES – 1988 – 505 Games – Beat’em up – 1-2 players – 500 points – age 12+

Double dragon is one of the most popular arcade-style action fighting games ever, and has been used as a classical model for subsequent beat’em-up games. Published initialy as an arcade titles only, it’s huge success has allowed the game to be converted across multiple platform.

Double dragon tells the story of two brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, who start a journey in order to save Billy’s girlfriend Marian. The girl has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, a gang of martial artists that are trying to learn the secrets of the technique SouSetsuKen, master by the two brothers.

Double dragon features 2 player co-up and offers a deep compat system based on punches, kicks and many weapons and interactive items. Moreover, the story will take the player to visit and explore many different locations, from the city suburbs to the mountains.

The Last Ninja
Commodore 64 – 1987 – Commodore Gaming – action – 1 player – 500 points – age 12+

The evil Shogun Kunitoki has long envied the powers of the Ninja brotherhood and would do anything to acquire their knowledge. To this end he has sworn an oath to their total destruction.

Once every decade all Ninja must travel to the island of Lin Fen where they pay homage at the Shrine of the White Ninja and receive further teachings from the Koga Scrolls. Seizing the opportunity Kunitoki summoned forth all the spirits from the depths of the Nether World and flung their full force against the amassed Ninja. No-one escaped the wrath of Kunnitoki.

Word soon reached Armakuni, the last Ninja, of the unnatural disaster that had slain his brothers and gathering all his courage, he swore to wreak a terrible revenge on the Shogun and all his followers. What unforeseen hazards lay in wait for him?

World Games
Commodore 64 – 1986 – Commodore Gaming – sports – 1-8 players – 500 points – age 3+

Look out world, here we come!

You’re about to travel the globe to compete in eight of the world’s most glamorous and unusual sports. from Europe to the far East, you’ll be ocean hopping to the sites where daring divers leap from rocky cliffs and gigantic men go toe-to-toe in the sumo ring. You’ll ride at an American rodeo and toss the caber in Scotland. You’re taking on the world, and you’re going to be on their home turf. But it doesn’t matter. You’ll wipe them out.

In any langauge, you’re about to experience the thrills of World Games. Bonne chance!