Wii: Virtual Console – Europe – Friday May 16th, 2008

Europe got three new Virtual Console game on Friday May 16th.

Digital Champ Battle Boxing (Hanabi Festival)
Turbografx – 1989 – Naxat Soft – sports/boxing – 1 player – 700 points – age 12+

Set in the near future, Digital Champ is a first-person boxing title tat plungs players into the raw intensity of the ring! Determined to thwart Mother Computer’s plot to conquer mandkind, you infilitrate the enemy’s domain, using your boxing skills to vanquish your foes.

Each round is three minutes, with a total of 12 rounds in a match. Advance to the next contest with a KO or by flattening an opponent three times in a round for a TKO. Use an arsenal of left and right jabs, ooks, power charged crosses and three different kinds of Devastator punches. Deftly block and slip your opponen’t attacks and look for your chances to knock him out. Master these techniques and take down the greatest opponent of them all, Digital Champ!

Gley Lancer (Hanabi Festival)
Mega Drive – 1992 – Sega – shooter – 1 player – 900 points – age 7+

In the year 2025, a war breaks out between humans and a hostile alien race. 16-year-old Lucia and the rest of the starfighter pilots in the Earth Federation must join the battle. When Lucia’s father Ken is kidnapped by the aliens, Lucia decides to take action and hijacks a brand-new prototype starfighter, the “Gley Lancer”, to try to save her father. In this side-scrolling shooter, step into the cockpit of the Gley Lancer as Lucia, rescue your father and destroy the evil aliens that are bent on destroying the human race!

In-game text will include some Japanese.

Star Parodier (Hanabi Festival)
Turbografc – 1992 – Hudson Soft – shooter – 1 player – 900 points – age 7+

Star Parodier is the hilarious spoof of the classic Hudson shooter Star Soldier.

In this entertaining parody there are three playale ships; the ingratiating Paroceaser, the hot headed Bomberman, and the ever so introverted PC-Engine. Players control one of these unique ships and set off to blast their way through 8 stages on the planet Parsoson!

The comical characters of Star PParpdier capture the colour and flavour of the Soldiers series and are guaranteed to keep players laughing all the way through.

In addition to thenormal game mode, there are also the familiar 2-minute and 5-minute attack modes, meaning Star Parodier is sure to have players coming back for more.

In-game text will include some Japanese.