Xbox 360: This weeks XBL games – Wolf of the Battlefield : Commando 3 and Frogger 2

This week, Wednesday June 11 2008, you can download two new Xbox Live Arcade games: Wolf of the Battlefield : Commando 3 and Frogger. The games cost 800 points each.

Wolf of the Battlefield™: Commando 3

One of the most popular arcade shooters is back! Wolf of the Battlefield™: Commando 3 revives the classic Commando franchise with an all-new adventure. Fight solo or recruit two other specialized commandos to defeat the evil tyrant General Ratiev. This frantic war-fest combines precise, old-school gameplay with hi-def 3-D graphics.
Play as Codename Wolf, Coyote, or Fox as you take on waves of soldiers, rescue POWs, and blow up armored vehicles through a variety of dangerous battlefields. With loads of weapons and power-ups at your disposal, gear up and blast your way to victory!

  • Exhilarating visuals: Experience the classic and immersive arcade-style gameplay blasting onto your TV in 1080p high-definition graphics!
  • Multiplayer action: Fight solo, or recruit your friends on a mission in three-player, online or local cooperative play.
  • Weapons and vehicles: Unleash an advanced arsenal with power-up capabilities, with co-op armed vehicle control at your disposal.
  • Bonus content: Purchase the full game to receive an exclusive beta version of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

Frogger® 2

Hop along with Frogger® 2 as you travel through more than fifteen challenging levels filled with new enemies and obstacles. Each of the five exotic environments provides a new set of challenges, but beware of the bosses that try to thwart your progress. Compete with up to four friends in two different online multiplayer modes, and hop your way to victory.

  • Gameplay: Dodge new enemies, obstacles, and engage in thrilling boss battles.
  • Hours of fun: Take on more than fifteen levels of action across five exotic environments.
  • Multiplayer modes: Challenge your friends as you compete in two new online multiplayer modes. Try Race Mode to see who can finish an enhanced version of the original Frogger level first. Or hang on to the jewel in Jewel Duel, and prevent your friends from taking the jewel.