What do you do when Internet is down?

What do you do when Internet is down for a shorter period? To lose Internet connection, is almost the same as losing electricy. You hardly notice how much you use it, until you lose it.

The first thing you check is that the cable is in place, then that the router is on, and you turn it off, wait a couple of minutes, turn it on again…. and still no Internet.

So you turn on your Xbox, but you can’t play online. You can’t check your mail, pay bills, buy movies or music, or blogg about that you have lost your Internet connection. If you are real desperate, you get out with your laptop to search for open Wi-Fi spots.

I think you will recognice this description, so here’s my point with this blogpost. South Park had this subject in the episode “Over Logging” (ep. 12.6). Internet is down in South Park. There is no connection, and they can’t find any other resident in South Park with an Internet connection either. Rumors has it that there may be Internet connection in California.

Go to SouthParkStudios.com to watch this episode for free, and it’s legal too.