DSi: DSiWare opens in Japan on December 24th

On December 24th, that’s Christmas Eve, DSi gamers in Japan can start to download DSiWare. The currency for DSiWare is DSi Points. Here is the list of titles for purchase (soruce: IGN.com):

  • Moving Memo Book (FREE)
  • Bird and Beans (200 DSi Point)
  • Paper Airplane (200 DSi Point)
  • A Little Magic Tournament (200 DSi Point)
  • Art Style Aquario/Decode (500 DSi Point each)
  • A Little Dr. Mario (500 DSi Point)
  • Utsusu Made in Wario (500 DSi Point)
  • Simple Trumps (500 DSi Point)
  • A Little Brain Age: Word Version/Logic Version (800 DSi Point each)

GoNintendo.com have posted some screenshots of the upcoming DSiWare games.