Retro Gamer issue 60


Retro Gamer issue 60 is now out on the street and you can read about the following:

  • Back to the Eighties – November 1985
  • Back to the Ninteties – July 1991
  • The Complete History of Mario Kart
  • Retroinspection: MSX
  • The Making of… Robotron
  • The Classic Game – Super Punch-Out!
  • The Making of… Zak McKracken
  • A Shock To the System
  • Full of eastern Promise: Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru
  • Retro Shamer: Transformers
  • The Making of… Ecco the Dolphin – Defender of the Future
  • The Making of… R-Type
  • The Making of… FRAK!

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