What’s your favourite TV-show intro?

Over the years, I watched a lot of different TV-shows. Both good and bad. What’s interesting to see, is how they present the show in their intro.

I like the intro to Fringe, it’s a bit mystic. I liked the intro to X-files, one of my favourite shows of all times. The Cheers intro had a really good tune, so did MASH. And I thing to remember that Roswell also hade a god song. Baywatch, nice running. IT Crowd have a nice 8-bit intro. And then you have the intro to LOST that doesn’t give anything away, or maybe it does?

I have probably forgot a lot of good intros. Feel free to comment and give me some tips on great intros. What’s your favourite TV-show intro?

Here are some YouTube videos with intros from TV-shows.