Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) makes popular series available DRM-free via BitTorrent

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) are testing new ways to reach their audience with their content. Almost all selfproduced programs like the news, entertainment shows and series are available for streaming online.

But this week they started to test out torrent download. The first show is Nordkalotten 365 with Lars Monsen which have traveled alone through the north of Scandinavia for one year. The first episode is now available and the rest will come when the are encoded.

The files are MPEG4 (MP4) H.264, 1024×576 25fps, 3 Mbit/s. No DRM.

I have only watch the start of the show, and the quality is great. I look forward to the rest of the series and hope the will make more series available in high quality torrent downloads.

You can subscribe for the series on this RSS-feed.

Here is the torrent files for all 8 episodes:

Episode 1: Nordkalotten365.E01.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 2: Nordkalotten365.E02.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 3: Nordkalotten365.E03.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 4: Nordkalotten365.E04.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 5: Nordkalotten365.E05.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 6: Nordkalotten365.E06.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 7: Nordkalotten365.E07.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 8: Nordkalotten365.E08.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Here is a quote from

As one of many ways to reach people with our content we have decided to do an experiment and make one of our most popular television series available through BitTorrent.This technology makes it possible for us to make our content available in a very high quality without having to invest in large server farms and expensive bandwidth.

The very popular series called “Nordkalotten 365″ has been aired on traditional TV in Norway. Over 900 000 of Norway’s 4,6 million watched the show in average, and the marketshare was close to 50%! “Nordkalotten 365″ is now made available for download. In this series the experienced hiker Lars Monsen has traveled alone through the north of Scandinavia for one year. The first episode is already published and the next episodes will be made available as they are encoded.

Source: (english) and the original Norwegian post