News and rumors about Nintendo DSi


Just a good week left before the Nintendo DSi hits Europe, and a couple of extras for US. Nintendo DSi have already sold 2 million units in Japan, which is a great number. Some hard facts about the DSi:

  • wifi profile settings can be transferred to other DSi units in the area
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi USB setup option
  • 1.2U firmware out of the box, but update needed if you plan to use the DSiShop
  • Nintendo was using a photo-printing device at the Club Nintendo DSi events. No word on if this accessory will ever see a retail release
  • if you remove your SD card while in photo mode, your DSi will switch to internal storage

It is also confimered that North America will get 1000 DSi points when they go to the DSi Shop. I really hope the same goes for Europe. Would be great to have some points to start with. Also the DSi Browser have to be downloaded, but it’s free.

The rumors has it that you will be able to download GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games to the DSi. Sega is also interested in bringing Game Gear games to DSi, but that is also only a rumor.