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DSi: Iawata asks some more


Satoru Iwata ask some more question about the Nintendo DSi. This time (it was aqtually end of February and early March) it’s about Internal Software and the Nintendo DSi Browser. Here just a small quote:

More than anything we looked to the internal features of the Wii console. They were helpful in making the Nintendo DSi features but also gave us a hint as to what extent we should explain the internal memory to users. But when it came to features that haven’t existed in game consoles before, like the cameras for example, we had to figure everything out for ourselves, so there were plenty of twists and turns along the way. Simply looking at cell phones wouldn’t suffice.

Read everything on nintendodsi.com.

Nintendo DSi – Iwata asks

iwata_asksScreenshot from: NintendoDSi.com

NintendoDSi.com have published a conversation with Satoru Iwata (President of Nintendo), Yui Ehara (Development Engieering Dept.), Kentaro Mita (Development Engieering Dept.) and Masato Kuwahara (Development Engieering Dept.).

You can read the complete conversation at NintendoDSi.com, but here is the start of it:

Let’s start with how development of the Nintendo DSi system began. It was you, Kuwahara-san, who started moving on this, right?

Yes. I’m Masato Kuwahara from the Development Engineering Department. It all began when toward the end of 2006 my boss assigned me to work on a new DS and told me to put together a proposal for presentation at the end of December outlining what kind of system we wanted to make.

That’s quite short notice.

I’ll say! And by February of the next year, we would had to hammer out most of the specifications for the internal chip. We had to move at an incredible pace. From planning to determining the specs, we moved from one thing to the next without pause. It was pretty intense.

During that time, was there anything you worried about or focused on?

One thing that was difficult was developing the project while keeping in mind how to sell it. What I mean is, it wasn’t a completely new piece of hardware, so we couldn’t plan on there being several big titles to be simultaneously released with it.

Because it’s not an entirely new platform. It’s the third console in the Nintendo DS line.

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