Mario Kart Wii dated for Europe – April 11, 2008

As a big suprise, Nintendo of Europe announced that Mario Kart Wii is coming to Europe April 11, 2008. That’s only one day after Japan. I would have thought that we in Europe had to wait at least 2-3 month after the Japanese release, but this is good news.

Here’s some news taken from

Combining all the much-loved features from the series, Mario Kart Wii also sees a whole host of stunning new tracks, characters, weapons and vehicles and the ability to take on up to 11 players simultaneously worldwide using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. Up to four people can play locally.

In addition to all this a new Wii Channel, the Mario Kart Channel, will also be launched with the game. Players will be able to monitor their ranking against others with data compiled from races completed online as well as also access and share Ghost Data to download. Why not see if your friends are playing by checking their status or even better still set up a room in which you can chat to them before a race starts?

Players even have the possibility to join in on their friends races in progress as a spectator and jump into the race when the next course launches. Through this channel, users will be exposed to a host of new online features allowing them to join a community of racing fans from all over the world as well as participate in special worldwide events organised by Nintendo.