Watch South Park online

South Park is now available online to watch. And it’s legal! You can watch all epsiode from all seasons, from the first episode in 1997 to the latest that was televised on TV in USA last week. This is great news for all South Park fans.

To watch Sout Park, goto So you don’t need your favourite torrent program to download it anymore. The episodes can’t be downloaded, but you stream them in your web browser.

I found this news on NRKbeta.

A few quotes from the South Park Digital Studios pressrelease:

When asked about the launch of the new site, Stone and Parker said, “We got really sick of having to download our own show illegally all the time so we gave ourselves a legal alternative.”

Anne Garefino, General Manager of South Park Digital Studios, had this to say about the future of, “One goal in moving forward is to make every episode of ‘South Park’ available world-wide. Currently, full episodes are not available in the UK, Australia and a few other foreign territories but we’re not far off from making that happen. We have some contractual issues to sift through but we’re getting there.”