Retro Gamer #56

Retro Gamer issue 56 is out and this is what you can read in the lastest issue:

  • Back to the Eighties – December 1984
  • Back to the Nineties – March 1991
  • Running the Gauntlet
  • The Making of… Beneath a Steel Sky
  • In the Chair with… Hideo Kojima
  • The Ultimate Adventure of Sir Arthur Pendragon
  • The History of Castlevania
  • The Making of… Terrormolinos
  • The Making of… Super Pipeline
  • Why You Must Play… Mr Heli
  • The Making of… Rampage
  • Retroinspection: Commodore 16
  • The Making of… Samba De Amigo
  • Developer Lookback – Shiny Entertainment (part 2)

This issue had a dobbel cover.

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