Pre-order Nintendo DSi

The new Nintendo DSi is now available for pre-order at DSi will launch in Japan on November 1st, 2008. The pre-order price is US$ 299.00 and is available in both black and white. Many will probably import DSi, but I will wait for the European release next Spring.


  • Enlarged screen (17% bigger at 3.25 inches)
  • Reduced size (about 12% thinner)
  • Camera function built-in (640×480)
  • SD memory card slot (Allows you to save pictures and display them on the Wii™)
  • Built-in browser function
  • Built-in music playback function
  • Download and store games on your SD card (Japan only!)
  • Plays all Nintendo DS™ games!
  • Does NOT support Gameboy™ Advance anymore!