coupon – expires April 4, 2009


[UPDATE] It looks like the coupon have been redeemed, so it no longer work.

I got a coupon on that is up for grabs. You get a US$5 rebate, minimum order is US$50. The coupon expires on April 4, 2009. The code is: ND-KDY-JBE

The code can only be used once, so the first to use the code is the winner. If the code doesn’t work, someone else have already used it. You can also leave a comment if you used the code, and I will close this post.

If you don’t know what to buy, take a look at the items bellow. It may give you some ideas.



One Response to “ coupon – expires April 4, 2009”

  1. silverwin Says:

    please im begging for a coupon, i try your number coupon but it wont work anymore, maybe somebody used it already, please please if you still have some there im begging for one. i want to use for buying the killzone 2. i really wanted that game so badly, im lived here in japan and the play-asia is the only key to grab the copy. thanks in advance my friend. May God Bless You. (“,)