Ace Attorney Limited Edition – Only in Japan


It must be great to be a game collector in Japan since they get all sort of special edition og games and consoles not released anywhere else.

On May 28, 2009 a new game in the Ace Attorney series (as we know it in the West) will be released in Japan, namly Gyakuten Kenji. Japanese gamer does not only get a new game, but also a new Ace Attorney themed DSi in the Premium Edition Ace Attorney DSi. Not only that, but they can also buy a Ace Attorney Limited Edition of the game which contain the following:

  • Orchestrated Mini Album. It’s all music from the game re-done by the Tokyo Symphonic Orchestra. 5 tracks in all.
  • Video Collection DVD. Has some really unique footage like a “How to Play” video, some footage of the Special Court Hearing Event, TGS video, and more.
  • Concert Pamphlet. Inside is also a look at the Manga by the Art Director!
  • Character Portrait Cards
  • Special Card Case. It’s a sweet carrying case for your Ace Attorney games, with six open slots.

Luckily, everything is available for import for those with the needs and money. You can go to to check it out. The release date is May 28.