Norwegian broadcaster have their own torrent-tracker

Over the last year, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) in Norway have tested the use of bittorrent as a distribution method. It have been successfull. They have now set up their own tracker for their own content. Which is geat. This is internet and public service TV at its best.

They have added the show “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu” which you can download from, and I quote:

The first show we’re putting on our new tracker is a very popular television series about people living in remote places in Norway. It features fascinating people and spectacular scenery. We have provided all the Norwegian subtitle files and if people want to fansub any of the episodes we’re more than happy to let you do that. Please let us know in the comments and we’ll link to your translations.

The video files are in MP4 with a resolution of 1024×576 (full widescreen PAL) and DRM free. The download comes with Norwegian subtitles, but after reading the comments on the site, fans already translate them into English.

So if you want to se more of Norway, and nice remote places, go and download. It’s not everyday you see legal and torrent in the same sentence.