Norway getting its first HD channel

Norway is getting its first HD channel starting October 3, 2008. TV Norge HD will be available from the provider Canal Digital, on both cable and satellite. We have foreign HD channels like Eurosport HD, National Geographic HD and Discovery HD. But TV Norge HD will be the first in Norwegian. TV Norge and TV Norge HD will send in parallel.

HD content will be available in primetime in the beginning. This fall we can watch CSI, Rome, The Closer, Nigel Marven’s Artic Exposure, Big Bang Theory og Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in HD. Norwegian produced program will come in 2009.

The big surprise is that the channel starts in beginning of October, and that it’s not coming from Norway’s biggest broadcasters; NRK or TV2. At the time, they have no plans for HD channels in the near future, as I know of.

Source: (Google translated to English)