Movie download on Norwegian digital terrestrial television (DTT)

The first PVR for the the Norwegian DTT (Digital terrestrial television), Grundig DTR 8860 VOD will be avaible in stores this or next week. It will have 500 GB of storage, enough for around 370 hours of content.

RiksTV, the Norwegian DTT provider, announced this week that they will get a virtual TV channel in the first half next year. RiksTV will take advantage of unused transmission capacity in the night (not all channels transmit then) to download movies and programs to the PVR. There will be a subscrition fee to this service, but the amount is unknown at the moment. They will provide 250 movies during the year. In addition to movies, the content will be nature, children’s and entertainment programs. Some of this will be in HD. New content will replace old content on the PVR from time to time.

This looks like a great feature, it’s not directly video on demand, since you don’t get to choose the content, but will be great to always have something on the PVR to watch. There is a similar service in Belgium and Poland. More info on the Norwegian service will probably come by the end of this year.

Soruce: (in Norwegian), Google-translated to English. Be aware that Google translate kroner (which is the Norwegian currency) to million. So when the translated text says 300 million, it means 300 Krones (NOK).