Wii: Firmware update v4.0 for Nintendo Wii

Earlier this week, Nintendo Wii got a long waited firmware update to v4.0. This update will let you use SD memory cards as storage (well you could do that before too) and launch game from the memorycard.

This is what the news said on the Wii Shop Channel:

If you feel that you need more space to store your Wii Channels and Virtual Console and WiiWare titles, then we  have the solution for you!

Following the latest Wii Menu update, you can now not only save your Wii Shop Channel downloaded software on an SD Card but also launch them directly from your Sd Card!

With an Sd Card instered, you can now access your stored content via the newly added SD Card Menu, which is acceddible from the main Wii Menu.

The new Wii Menu update also includes support for high capacity SDHC Cards – giving you even more space to store your collected Channels and games!

I made a small YouTube video of this update.

Also new this week, was the introduction of Virtual Console Arcade at the Game Developers Conference (aka GDC).

This is what the Wii Shop Channel had to say:

Instead of insertin coins, each game feature virtual credits that you can add at will. In some games you can also access a special menu to change settings such as game diffculty or number of lives.

Our Virtual Console Arcade line-up begins with four favourites from Namco Bandai and Tecmo  (Gaplus, Mappy, The Tower of Dracula and Starforce) and other big-name publishers will also be bringing their wares to the Wii Shop Channel in the future, so watch this space!

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