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June 15, 2010

E3 2010: Microsoft Press Conference

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Microsoft held their press conference on Monday June 14, the day before E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) started.

It was not what I hoped for. They startet with showing trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Gears of War 3, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, Halo: Reach and Fable III. And the rest of the show was for their Project Natal, no renamed Kinect.

Kinect is a new pherepial for Xbox 360 which will let you use your body as a controller. It have multiple sensors registrating your movements. It can be described as a cross between Wii and the EyeToy. What they showed, Nintendo did years ago. To me it’s almost the samething, but in a new wrapping. You don’t use a controller, but your body. Under you can se some of the demoes showed at the press conference.

Kinect Sports gives you bowling, ping-pong, track & field, boxing, volleyball and soccer. Very much like Wii Sport.

More Kinect Sports Videos

Kinectimals is a pet simulator ala Nintendogs. 40 types of wild cats are available among lion, tiger, leopard, cheetah, black panther and bobcat cubs.

More Kinectimals Videos

 With Your Shape Kinetc you can exercise.

They also introduced the new Xbox 360 “Slim”. A smaller Xbox with 250GB harddrive and built-in WiFi. The price is $299 and it’s available now.

June 2, 2009

E3 2009: Sony Press Conference – Live blog

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I will be blogging live watching the Sony Press Conference event online.

Starting with trailers for PS3 and PSP games.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO, todays host.

Playstation 2 still sells well after nine years. 100 new game titles for PS2 this year. PS2 will be suportet as long as people buy it. It now retails at US$99.

PlayStation Network, 24 million accounts.

 Uncharted 2 – Among Thieves demoed onstage. Beta goes live tonight.


MAG demoed onstage. A 256 multiplayer game.


Trent talks about PSP games.

Kaz Hirai enters. He talks about how the PSP could be better. PSP Go officially announced, he also said it was called “E3 worst kept secret”.


Media Go is the new software for PC to manage media on PSP. SenseMe is a software for PSP/PS3 for analycing your music taste and mood.

All new PSP title will be made available for both digital download and at retail.

PSP Go $249.99/€249.99, launch in US and Europe on October 1st. Japan in November.

Video Delivery service will be made available nativly on the PSP from today. More content will be made available from different distributor.

Kazunoury Yamauchi enters. He announced Grand Turismo for the PSP.


Hideo Kojima enters. Announce Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for PSP, coming 2010.

Resident Evil have sold over 40 million units worldwide. Resident Evil coming to PSP next year. LittleBigPlanet is also coming.

PlayStation Network – 24 million registred users in 55 countries. Final Fantsy 7 is coming to PlayStation Store tonight. He talks about Home, 6,5 million people worldwide. Showing video of Home.

A video of what’s coming for PS3.

Agent announced, only on PlayStation.

Assin’s Creed II demoed on stage.

Final Fantasy XIII video is shown. Final Fantasy XIV coming to Playstation only in 2010.


Richard Marx enters. Showing a prototype of a new controller with motioncontroll and the EyeToy can track the controller. They showing tech demos. Looks very cool. Launch in Spring 2010.



Tretton talks about the success LittleBigPlanet.


ModNation Races announced. Play – Create – Share. You can make your own tracks, and sheare them. Out in 2010 on PS3.




Showing a trailer of The Last Guardian.

 A new trailer of Grand Turismo 5.

God War 3 demoed onstage.

That was all.

E3 ’09: Nintendo Press Conference – Live blog

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I will be wathing Nintendo’s Press Conference in Los Angeles live on, and try to blog live, as god as I can.

Cammie Dunaway (Nintendo of America’s executive VP) enters the stage.

Showing a video of what Mario have played through the years.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Play with four players. Multiplayer or singleplayer. Coming Worldwide Christmas 2009.



Showing Wii Fit. Best selling game the last year. 13 million sold. Wii Fit plus announced. You can be your own trainer. The game will be available with or without the Wii Fit Balanceboard.


Reggie Fils-Aime enters. Talks about the next advance in controlling – The Wii Motion Plus. Nothing new, since this have been announced month ago. Showing a trailer  with Wii Sport resort. On-stage demo. July 26 in US. Tiger Woods, Grand Slam, Virtua Tennis 2009 supports the Wii Motion+. Red Steel 2 will only play with new + controller.


RPG: Final Fantasy – The Crystal Bearer for Wii. Kingdom Hearts for DS. Mario & Luigi – Bowsers Inside Story, coming Fall in US and Europe. Also a new Golden Sun game is announced.


Womens Murders Club annaounced for DS. Cop: The Requit.

They show a video with Nintendo DSi. 1 million DSi sold in US two month since US launch. Flip Notes Studio will come to US this sommer. Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis March Again coming June 8 on DSiWare in US, mae your own levels.


You can upload photos taken with DSi and share it on Facebook this Summer.

Satoru Iawata enters the stage. He talks about the gamer within us all, everywhere. announce the Wii Vitality Sensor.


Super Mario Galaxy 2 announced.


The Conduit from Sega, game trailer. Resident Evil – Dark Side from Capcom, gametrailer. Dead Space – Extraction gametrailer shown. All games for Nintendo Wii.

Metroid – Other M  announced from Nintendo and Team Ninja.


The End!

June 1, 2009

E3 ’09 – Microsoft Press Conference live blogging

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I will try to do a live blogging of the Microsoft Press Conference in Los Angeles. Watching it live online, and will try to write what I manage.

They start off with showing The Beatles Rock Band.


Paul McCartney and Ringo Star enter the stage.



John Sheapard, vise president of Microsoft enters.

Tony Hawk comes in showing an talking about a new skateboard controller for the new Tony Hawk Ride.

They playing Modern Warfare 2.

 They showing Final Fantasy XIII which will come to Xbox 360 sping 2010.

Epic showing Shadow Complex fow Xbox Live Arcade. It will launch this summer.

Joyride is a free game, you can share track with each other.

Splinter Cell: Conviction trailer, also demoing the game.

 Forza Motosport 3 trailer showing. It will have over 400 cars. The game also comes with an video-editor. Ships in October.


 Joe Staten enters showing Halo 3 ODST. September 22 worldwide. Bungie also announced Halo Reach for Fall 2010.


Remedy enters: Alan Wake. Demoing Alan Wake. Looks cool. Will be released in Spring 2010.


Music is coming to Xbox Live thourgh Last.FM. It will be free later this year worldwide for Gold Members.


They will update the Netflix on Xbox. Zune Video store: 1080p, viewed instantly, doubling available countries for the service.


Partnership withFacebook on 360. Nice, Facebook on Xbox 360. You will also be able to use Twitter on Xbox. It wil come this Fall.


Metal Gear Solid is coming to Xbox 360. They show the trailer for MGS – Rising.

 A new way to controll games – No Controller. Recognice 3d-movements, face recognition, voice recognition. It’s called Natal

Steven Spielberg enters.


Kudo Tsunoda, creative director of Project Natal, is showing demo on stage. Facerecognition logs you in. Full body motion detection. Use your hand to navigate the Dashboard. You can movie in 3D-space and the device will detect your movement. Full body tracking. Will also work with multiplayer.


Paint Party demo – You can paint just using you hands and say the colour you want to use.



Peter Molyneux from Lionhead shows a new demo using Natal. Interacting with a virtual character.


That’s it!

January 10, 2009

CES ’09: Blu-Ray Press Conference

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Here is the video of the Blu-Ray Disc Association Press Conference at CES 2009 posted on

October 22, 2008

Sony TGS 2008 Press Conference

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Here is Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press conference. The videoes are all in Japanese, but some will probably watch it anyway. The videoes are from

Sony 'TGS 2008 Press Conference' 1/4

Sony 'TGS 2008 Press Conference' 2/4

Sony 'TGS 2008 Press Conference' 3/4

Sony 'TGS 2008 Press Conference' 4/4

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