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Bergensbanen in only 7 minutes and 14 seconds

Read my Norwegian version of this post on FrankEivind.net.

A lot of people watch the 7+ hours documentary of Bergensbanen on TV when it was aired on NRK2. It’s also available as a 22GB download in HD (direct-link to torrentfile). But for a lot of people, a 7 hour watch can be a bit too much.

Greatfully, NRK used a Creative Commons Share Alike lisence for this download. So I made this time laps video. It have the same CC-lisence. Original materials found at http://nrkbeta.no/bergensbanen. I’ve uploaded the video to Mininova.org, it’s a 300 MB torrent at 720p.

The time laps is only 7 minutes and 14 second long (not counting the star- and end-credits). Enjoy!


How I made the video. The 22GB video-file played fine on all mediaplayers I’ve had installed on my computer. But for some reason when I used it in my video-editing software, all the tunnels went grey as seen in the picture on the right. I’m not sure, but I guess it have something to do with the keyframes when the picture goes from light to total dark. Nero Recode showed the file right. So I re-coded the whole 22GB file to a new editfriendly version. It took a night to do that.

The next step was to reduce the numbers of frames displayed. I used TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress to do that process. I chose the output to be singleframs (in BMP format) and 1 frames per second. The resault was 26 053 single frames and 67GB of data. I made the start- and endcredits in Edit Studio Pro (a great editor for DV-video). Then I made a project with TMPGEnc Xpress, adding the start and end-credits and the single frames. The single frames was set to show 60 fps, which then made Bergensbanen only 7 minutes and 14 seconds long. The whole project was encoded in 720p at 25 fps in MP4-format.

Next step was to add a soundtrack. I used the built-in scoregenerator (ScoreFitter) in Pinnacle Studio 14 HD to make the music. I ended up using the category Dreamscape and the tunes Sleepless Eve og Endless Fields. The sound was exported as MP3 and muxed with the video using YAMB. When everything was done, I’ve uploaded it to YouTube.

I can admit that this video was made in a rush to be the first to make a time laps video thanks to the CC-lincense NRK provited with their original video. I do se that the music stops a bit to early and that the last frame of the video should have stayed a couple of seconds and then faded out. But in all, I think the video works well. Hope you enjoy it too.

A seven hour trainride in HD

Sometimes you take the train to get from point A to point B. Sometimes you just sit watching it on TV for seven hours. It’s a mad idea, I know. But it’s a fascinating one.

On Friday November 27th NRK2 (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasted the seven hour trainride with Bergensbanen, from Bergen to Oslo. 1.2 million people watched part of this documentary, that’s 25% of the Norwegian population (we’re only 4.8 million inhabitants). The reason to broadcast this trip, was to celebrate Bergensbanen’s 100th anniversary.

I watched the last two hours of the documentary, and it was very fascinating. With all the people following #Bergensbanen on Twitter, it was a great social event. It may sound strange, but this is TV at its best.

The documentary have already had one rerun and a new is schedules during the Christmas holiday. That’ no all. You can download it from NRKbeta.no (or directly from this link). It’s a 22GB file in HD (720p) showing the front camera of the train. It also have a Share alike Creative Commons lisence.

It’s only one thing to say about this: It’s an amazing watch!

The clip under show Finse, where part of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back where shot.

TV2 HD over the air from June 25 in Norway

Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) was launched in some parts of Norway in September 2007 and the whole country was covered in November 2008. Unlike US which killed the analogue switch in the whole country on June 12, Norway have taken an other approach. Norway have been devited in regions. Each region have had simulcast for 6 -12 months before the shutdown of the analogue signals which took place in the first part of Norway in March last year. On December 1st, 2009, there will be no more analogue signals.

In opposite to many other countries who started their DTT with MPEG-2, Norway chose MPEG-4 from the start, which is a much better compression technology. Norway, as rest of Europe, use the DVB-T standard. There are 25 TV channels available and 16 radio channels. Only the three TV channels from NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Coopration) are free-to-air, unencrypted. The rest of the channels are available from the commercial pay-tv operator RikstTV.

It was said that because of the simulcast in the transition from analogue to digital, only three multiplexes would be available from the start, which wouldn’t give enough room for HD TV. In an ectually big surprise for me, TV2 (the biggest commersial broadcaster in Norway) announced that they will start to broadcast in HD from June 25, 2009 over the air. At first TV2 HD will only be available  on digital terrestrial television. But other providers like Get, ViaSat and Canal Digital will probably get a deal to broadcast TV2 HD through cable and satellite TV later this year.

TVNorge HD was the first homegrown HD channel in Norway and launched in October 2008, and is only available from Canal Digital. TV2 HD will be the second homegrown HD channel. And NRK are planning to start HD transmition next year with the Vancouver Olympics. TV2 HD will broadcast in 1080i.

TV2 HD will start to broadcast some shows in HD, and then expand on that. The first show is Allsang på grensen (best described as a sing-a-long-show) then Tour de France. They will broadcast movies on Friday and Saturday in HD, main match in Norwegian Soccer on Sundays, TV shows like Greys Anatomy/ Cleaners/ Scrubs/ Brothers & Sisters/ Criminal Minds / Life on Mars/ X-list, Nordic TV shows, Varg Veum (Norwegian crime show), Jakten på kjærligheten (love show), Da damene dro (When the Ladies left) and Skal vi danse (Shall We Dance)

I’m very excited over this and think I will be watching a lot more TV, just beacuse it’s in HD.

Source: NTV.no and RiksTV.no (Google-translated version)

UPDATE: The first HD show have been aired on TV2 HD, I watched in and have written about it in a new blogpost.

Norwegian broadcaster have their own torrent-tracker

Over the last year, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) in Norway have tested the use of bittorrent as a distribution method. It have been successfull. They have now set up their own tracker for their own content. Which is geat. This is internet and public service TV at its best.

They have added the show “Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu” which you can download from NRKbeta.no, and I quote:

The first show we’re putting on our new tracker is a very popular television series about people living in remote places in Norway. It features fascinating people and spectacular scenery. We have provided all the Norwegian subtitle files and if people want to fansub any of the episodes we’re more than happy to let you do that. Please let us know in the comments and we’ll link to your translations.

The video files are in MP4 with a resolution of 1024×576 (full widescreen PAL) and DRM free. The download comes with Norwegian subtitles, but after reading the comments on the site, fans already translate them into English.

So if you want to se more of Norway, and nice remote places, go and download. It’s not everyday you see legal and torrent in the same sentence.


Download the Beatles for free! (Through Norwegian podcast)


In November 2008 NRK – Norwegian Braodcasting – signed with TONO (the music rights holder organisation in Norway) what is probably the greatest deal in the world. They are now allowed to publish podcast which hold 70% music or less. This means that a lot of radio- and TV programs can be made available for a period of 4 week.

The great thing is that NRK had a radio series in 2007 called “Vår daglige Beatles” (“Our Daily Beatles”). They, Finn Tokvam and Bård Ose, start each episode with 3 minute history of a Beatles song and then play that tune. The presentation of the song is in Norwegian, but at least you get a Beatles song.

What does that mean to you? You can now download, for first time in music history, all 212 Beatles tunes in chronologically order, for FREE and LEGAL. You can’t even buy them at Amazon or iTunes.

You can subscribe to the RSS-feed here: http://podkast.nrk.no/program/beatles_komplett.rss

The first podcasts are already available and the rest will come in January. They will be available for 4 weeks from publishing date of the podcast.

Source: NRKbeta.no

[Update – January 6, 2009] NRK had to pull the podcast “Vår daglige Beatles” because of rights. As NRKbeta explain on it’s site:

Our new agreement with rights holder TONO gives us rights to publish radio and TV shows we aired a long time ago. But the agreemnt NRK has with rights holders IFPI and FONO only allows us to publish shows that has been aired the last four weeks. And since “Our daily Beatles” was aired in 2007, we have to pull it from the podcast (see below for details about the agreements).

That is to bad. So to publish this series as a podcast, they have to re-run the show on radio first.

Download Halvseint from NRK

NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) continues to push download content via torrent downloads. This time it’s the highlights from season 1 of the cartoon series Halvseint. When season 2 is premiering on April 3, these episodes will be available for download.

[Update] All four episodes of season 2 is now available for download on the links below.

Highlights from season 1 + preview of season 2: halvseintkavalkade.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 1: halvseint.S02.E01.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 2: halvseint.s02e02.1024×576.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent

Episode 3: halvseint.s02e03.1024×576.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent

Episode 4: halvseint.s02e04.1024×576.h264.nrk.mp4.torrent

You can subscribe to Halvseint RSS-feed here.

NRKbeta also have a page with all it’s torrent files on this webpage.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) makes popular series available DRM-free via BitTorrent

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) are testing new ways to reach their audience with their content. Almost all selfproduced programs like the news, entertainment shows and series are available for streaming online.

But this week they started to test out torrent download. The first show is Nordkalotten 365 with Lars Monsen which have traveled alone through the north of Scandinavia for one year. The first episode is now available and the rest will come when the are encoded.

The files are MPEG4 (MP4) H.264, 1024×576 25fps, 3 Mbit/s. No DRM.

I have only watch the start of the show, and the quality is great. I look forward to the rest of the series and hope the will make more series available in high quality torrent downloads.

You can subscribe for the series on this RSS-feed.

Here is the torrent files for all 8 episodes:

Episode 1: Nordkalotten365.E01.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 2: Nordkalotten365.E02.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 3: Nordkalotten365.E03.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 4: Nordkalotten365.E04.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 5: Nordkalotten365.E05.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 6: Nordkalotten365.E06.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 7: Nordkalotten365.E07.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Episode 8: Nordkalotten365.E08.1024×576.H264.NRK.mp4.torrent

Here is a quote from NRKbeta.no:

As one of many ways to reach people with our content we have decided to do an experiment and make one of our most popular television series available through BitTorrent.This technology makes it possible for us to make our content available in a very high quality without having to invest in large server farms and expensive bandwidth.

The very popular series called “Nordkalotten 365″ has been aired on traditional TV in Norway. Over 900 000 of Norway’s 4,6 million watched the show in average, and the marketshare was close to 50%! “Nordkalotten 365″ is now made available for download. In this series the experienced hiker Lars Monsen has traveled alone through the north of Scandinavia for one year. The first episode is already published and the next episodes will be made available as they are encoded.

Source: NRKbeta.no (english) and the original Norwegian post